Thursday, November 11, 2010


Like I had prophecised, I wouldn't be able to get the dvd out in October NOR November.

Lack of cash? Sure! Sales have hit bottom.
Lack of interest and excitement to get me moving? Sure! In the past months, only 2 or 3 persons (ALL strangers) bothered to ask me when I'd release Zagor.
PLUS, when your health sucks and your mood sucks too then even spending time on a dvd is a real herculian task.

...Which means... I'll TRY to release it just before Christmas.


Jared said...

I posted a story about this release on my blog, Bill. It's like the only thing I've posted there in two months! I am excited for ANYTHING you put out! I'm sure others feel the same way whether or not the say anything to you about it. I WANT ZAGOR!!!!!

CiNEZiLLA said...

You can release it whenever you want mate. I'm just happy to see a post. Hope all is going well and as soon as you manage to get it out there, I'll pick it up!

God Speed Bill!


Ninja Dixon said...

take your time mate, I will buy it the first day it's out!

MemberX said...

Heard about it on cineh. I posted an advert on a forum I'm moderating.
And I made it a "sticky" topic so every visitor sees it.

Hope you're fine mate.


MemberX said...

It so great that somebody releases these old treasures.

shonokin said...

I'm eagerly awaiting, but not impatiently waiting. Do what you need to do in your own time.

News of you releasing this got me into looking at the original comics and everything.