Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I uploaded on youtube 2 more trailers of 2 TOTALLY LOST movies.


Same cast, same director (Yilmaz Atadeniz), same madness, same SUPERHERO mayhem.The only difference is the picture and sound quality that's immensely superior!
Nobody, including the Turks, had ever seen it during the last 38 years!

I must release this one, for an extra reason.
I'll include the 2nd part of a big interview with Atadeniz, taken by the late and sorely missed and irreplaceable METIN DEMIRHAN!
The 1st part was on the Casus Kiran DVD.


A genuine TURKISH GIALLO from 1967!
At that time, the italians had just started warming up on the genre while their best examples came years later.
This Turkish lost spooky, gothic giallo horror stands on its own, faithful to itself, quite original in ideas and almost empty as far as "similarities" to other films are concerned!
I still can't believe I have secured such a gem!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Guys, let's not use vulgar expressions for Yilmaz Atadeniz.

Let's not forget that he is a big capital in turkish cinema and he has offered us dozens of ground- breaking cult films and I will always RESPECT him for his work.

I really don't know what urged him to ask for more cash from me.
I repeat, he is 100% CORRECT if we look at it law- wise.

Yes, our contract mentions 18 MONTHS.
And YES, I'm 1 year overdue that!
As he said, he made me a favour allowing me an extra year.
The contract and the law are on his side and I can't say a word.

I don't know... perhaps his business is not going that fine and he just needed a few extra bucks.

I can't blame him for breaking any kind of law.
It's ME who's breaking the law actually.

I was just a fool to have not anticipated and predicted this shit.

Ok, he has no idea about me and if my sales suck and if I have made a cent out of this bloody business and he doesn't care if I buy another film from him or if I'm able to release the other films I've already bought from him.

Everybody can have their opinion about him but we better NOT be too aggressive or vulgar as I fear this whole story will backfire on me or even start an avalanche of deeper shit from the other producers there...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


As if I didn't have enough problems, I just received a threatening message from Yilmaz Atadeniz, the producer of the 3 KILINK films I have released, that our contract period is overdue and that I must either give him MORE money to prolong the contract or return him ALL my remaining DVD's!

Yes, our contract mentioned 18 months and I was stupid enough to believe that he wouldn't mind giving me a break.
I was stupid enough to ASSUME that after that period, he was JUST free to sell the copyrights to another guy too.
And I was stupid enough to believe that 18 months were enough to sell out.

And now....

So, while we're talking, I'll try to buy some time, for maybe 1 month and try to get rid of my 2 KILINK dvd's (KILINK ISTANBUL'DA & KILINK DOUBLE BILL).

Thankfully, I've ALMOST sold out KILINK ISTANBUL'DA.
There are about 120 dvd's left.
But there are at least 400 dvd's left of KILINK DOUBLE BILL, which means 1 month is NOT enough to get rid of them.

So, for about 1 month, the 1st KILINK will be available on my site. After that, it will HAVE to disappear!
I don't think I'll sell out in 1 month but I'll just have to remove it from the site.

As for the other KILINK dvd, I'll be offering it at a ridiculous price and then I'm not sure...
Return all the remaining ones to the producer?
Or double- pay like a damn fool a small fortune for a deadbeat that will not sell out even in 10 years?

I really don't know what to do.

What's worse is that Atadeniz will probably demand the same thing for stuff I haven't EVEN released!

I bought from him ZORRO KAMCILI SUVARI & MASKELI SEYTAN about 2 years ago and I bet he'll be asking for more money before I even release them!!

...Which means I'll prefer to NOT release them at all and stuff them in my ass, instead of doing him the favour and pay again before I even release them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hi to all!
Summer is sadly over...
My summer discount offers are over too, by the way.
Thanks for the support to all the ones who decided to take a chance on my stuff!

A few of you out there noticed that my new, 11th DVD, KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING, came out early August, on 500 numbered copies. Most of the others just did NOT notice...

CELLAT is supposed to come out late October.
The relevant documentary on Turkish Revenge flicks is ready and on its way to me.
My ORDER was that it MUST be full of clips and teasers and highlights from dozens of bloody revenge- vigilante Turkish movies. A personal favourite is called BUYUK KIN (BIG HATE) (1967) and the scenes included will most probably get you hooked!

Now, after CELLAT.. what? Good question...
If you check the NEW trailers on Kaptan Swing DVD and all the previous ones, from Kizil Tug etc, you could just SUGGEST.

Some guys are begging me to release more westerns, but I'm afraid if Kaptan Swing is a western to go by (sales-wise) I should NEVER release anything similar, not even in 100 years...

Same with historical stuff. KIZIL TUG was my death and I will avoid releasing anything of that kind during this century...