Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At long last, after countless fuckups etc, today I took the godamn master to the factory.

But due to holidays traffic, it won't be ready before January 11.

Meanwhile, enjoy the festive season!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm sick and tired of speaking of the devil and how often I ruin innocent people's lives.

Well, today I went to the studio for the final authoring touches etc and I found the chief guy ready to collapse, on a nervous crisis.

What had JUST happened?

Remember the FINAL DESTINATION horror series where death devises 100's of multi-complex plots in order to get the victims?

Similarly, if not identically, the devil did this:

The main studio room, with dozens of machines, pc's, servers and what not has an air-condition unit that keeps the room cool.

Now, the devil managed to cause a mysterious damage to the A/C unit which started leaking water at night while the chief was away of course.
It could have done this all the other 15 hours that he was there but it didn't.

Then, the water dropped on a pc monitor.
Somehow the water hit the proper circuit that caused a short-circuit on the pc.
As a mysterious result the short-circuit spread all over the other machines and blew them up.

And NOW, all the machines are dead, including the server that hosted ALL his projects including MINE.

Therefore, as it seems, all his work is gone to hell and unless it gets fixed somehow, he will have to buy new machines and start all over again which would cause a huge delay on my project.

When I went there and saw him ranting I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

This could happen any of the other 51 weeks of the year BUT it HAD to happen the exact week that my project was being processed!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sinematik is Dedicating December to Onar Films and Altin Cocuk

I must thank the great blog http://sinematik.blogspot.com/
because they're going to run an important festival in Italy, dedicated to the Altin Cocuk movies.
They also prepared an article on James bond on Yesilcam turkish cinema. There is going to be a capture galery and a small photo galery about Aksoy. 2 small videos off the movie to tease etc...

For more info, check this page:

and even better, contact the guys directly for more info.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A guy earlier suggested I should get promotion and visibility on big sites like Eccentric Cinema or Av Maniacs.

Well, I already tried them but they just connected me with their balls.
Not even a response to say "no thanks".

What's funny is those particular sites boast they present independent labels and other crap but obviously I'm not independent enough for them.

Otherwise, these days I'm experiencing the bad old days' usual devilish shit.

My daughter is sick and every day we're running from doctor to doctor.

I got a horrible pain in the back which kept me some days in bed and now I'm walking like Star Wars' Yonda and I can't even lift a feather.

My studio guy who's working on the dvd authoring is ill with the flu.

PLUS, the guy who designs my covers just got divorced just like my webmaster!

So, ALL the people connected with me are going through hell and me and my family are currently bazzard's meat.

All in all, my mood and psychology are below zero and I just feel like killing myself...
...Something that sure delays the new dvd process....