Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today, February 7 I took it from the factory.
You can check it out at my site of course...


Monday, February 4, 2008


If you check my home page at Onar's site you will find all the info about my next release.

I'd just like to elaborate on 3 of its features.

1- Documentary: Turkish Fantastic Cinema - Part 1 :
I have bought a superb Documentary, running 92 minutes, including dozens of interviews and scenes from countless obscure films of all genres. It runs by genre (Western, Historical, Superhero, Cuneyt Arkin, etc etc) so, I decided to offer it in relevant parts, depending on genre.
This DVD is Historical so you'll see the part featuring lots of sequences from cult films/series like TARKAN, KELOGLAN, MALCOCOGLU and many more, plus interviews and explanatory voice-over!

2- Booklet (32 pages): Full Catalog of Turkish Fantastic Films:
I used the best experts and managed to make a huge, complete catalog of ALL Turkish Fantastic Films, by genre and year. With english translation for each title. Plus, intriguing introductions on each genre, with highlights on specific titles and directors.Plus, tons of photos!
I really believe this will be the DEFINITE, ULTIMATE GUIDE on Turkish Cult Cinema!!

3- NEW Trailers
I have bought many NEW films, you know. I'll tell you about the titles at another post, this month. BUT, if you want to check their trailers you better get this DVD.

Well, I bet you agree that this is my most extras-packed release so far, right?
But WHY?
Let me be frank and honest.
This is a Historical Peplum film and I already know that most of ONAR's fans don't give a damn about this kind of stuff.
But I can't always release Superhero stuff because everybody will be bored to death sooner or later.

I'm a fan of ALL genres of Turkish Fantastic Cinema and I really want to release stuff from ALL genres. Historical, Western, Fairy Tale, Bizarre etc etc.

So, EVEN IF you don't dig this film I'm trying to MAKE you buy it offering you those extras as sort of BAIT or COMPENSATION (choose either...)

PLUS, it will be sold CHEAPER than the other 500-copies DVD's!
I know I'll have trouble selling it so what with the EXTRAS AND the LOWER price, I want to believe it will finally sell out sooner or later.

I'm doing it because I like it and I'll do my best to find another 500 true cinema fans who will NOT let buried films stay buried.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

CICI CAN- Turkish Weird Unique 1963 Lost Gem!

Remember a mysterious teaser I uploaded last December?
It was called "Turkish Eerie Lost Gem" and I only had a promo of the first 7 minutes off which I made up a 2 minutes teaser.

Ok now, I just received the screener of the whole movie, watched it carefully and made up a big trailer of about 7 minutes:

The title is CICI CAN (pronnounced CHICHI JAN) and was made in 1963 by the team that later on made the 007 ripoff ALTIN COCUK series.

I was told it was based on a kids comic!! The movie itself ranges from spooky to weird and eerie and nutty and silly and superheroic and metaphysical and nostalgic and romantic and....
Generally I find it to be a truly unprecedented Turkish movie and totally original in every way.
For example, can you tell me of ANY other films of that period that used the "cartoon with real actors" effect?
Here, we have a gross ghost animation among real actors! In Turkey! In 1963!!

Now, as a democratic man, I'll do it like this.
I'll leave it up to you.
You be the judge of it!

So, I'll expect your VOTES!

Here and now, the sooner the better, PLEASE VOTE!
Under the comments, you say if you want me to release it or not.
I must get at least 50 comments to decide.
If most of you are really intrigued then I will release it.
If most of you are like "so and so" or "what crap is that?" then I won't.

The sooner I get your 50 votes the sooner I'll decide.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Last week I became the happiest Greek for an evening.
Kunt Tulgar passed from Athens and we met!

Who's Tulgar?? The director of SUPERMEN DONUYOR, TARZAN KORKUSUSZ ADAM etc and the star of YILMAYAN SEYTAN and also the kid Tarzan in TARZAN ISTANBUL'DA.
He's also one of the friendliest and most amusing persons I've ever met.

He showed up with the most charming Muslim girl I have ever seen too!!
Yeah! He's 60 but looks much younger and is full of energy and passion!

We went out for some Ouzo and greek delicacies and I really felt like a high school boy having fun with another high school guy!

Gosh, the stories he told me...
- You know, when TARZAN ISTANBUL'DA was made, the americans took his father and the director to court for using the name Tarzan which had been copyright-protected for 32 years.
BUT the Turks had an ace in their sleeve... They found some villager named TARZAN who was 50 years old and claimed that it was the americans who had stolen and abused his name! And they even asked for a 10,000$ compensation! LOL!

- The black guys in that Tarzan were really black, ok? One day, his dad bought 100 kilos lamb meat and cooked a huge soup in a cauldron. He told the black extras not to throw the bones away. They kept them and after dinner was over he had them wear the bones round their neck. And when they protested their bodies were full of oil and grease off the bones he gladly shouted "all the better!".

Hmm, I must go and have lunch now...
Speak soon about Tulgar's NEW PROJECTS plus some Photos!