Friday, July 10, 2009

When will ALTIN COCUK dvd be out?

Some gentlemen are wondering when this one will be released.

Well... so am I.

I earlier said that as soon as I raise enough money.

But if I wait till I get just my COSTS back from the latest dvd it's gonna be a looooong wait.

Speaking in numbers, I must sell about 350 copies of the last dvd just to get my costs back.
After that I'll be having a profit too.
But at THIS rate it would take me about 12 months.
Now, given that this rate won't be steady all the time and week after week sales will be dropping, I must make it about 3 years.

Thank God I'm also selling a few copies of my older releases in the meantime, plus those blessed old videos on ebay!
Therefore, my current plan is to get it released in October.