Sunday, November 30, 2008


I decided to drop prices on ALL my DVD's for this month.

So, from December 1st to December 31st ALL my dvd's will be offered at much lower prices.

In January they'll return to the usual prices.

Nice chance to offer some Holidays gifts...


My first DVD is history.

I had warned you 2 months ago and here we are now.

Of course, my policy is clear and strict...
I WILL NEVER RE-ISSUE sold out DVD's, no matter what!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Next Release and general news

Hi to all!

1)- To those who missed my posts I apologise but the past weeks have been a total hell for me and I wish I could just delete them from my life.
They made me feel like shit, they cost me a psychological downfall and 7,000$ (so far), and it's got nothing to do with films. Just personal stuff...

2)- CELLAT has been around for exactly 1 month now. The first days it moved pretty fast, but the last days now it has just come to a "grinding halt", as THE CURE used to sing.
However, thanks to a great wholesaler right now I've sold a total of about 350 pcs, meaning there are about 150 left, whatever this could mean.

3) I'd really LOVE to hear any comments on the VIGILANTE DOCUMENTARY on this DVD, and particularly which of the reviewed movies intrigued you the most. I, for one, got excited with all of them but let me stress out the importance of BUYUK KIN (BIG HATE). I have seen the whole film and was overwhelmed by how bleak, violent, savage, pessimistic and well-made it is. And keep in mind it was made in 1967!
I guess I'll have to upload a long trailer for everyone to check out. Meanwhile, please go ahead and offer me your suggestions!

4)- If you check my site, you'll see info for my NEXT RELEASE, KADIN DUSMANI (WOMAN DESPISER), an unexpectedly effective gothic giallo TRULY ORIGINAL mega- obscurity, from 1967!
When exactly will it be out? Due to my personal shit, explained above, I'm going through a damn frustrating adventure which is going to cost me many more 1,000's of $$ meaning that it may take me much longer than what I figure.
Besides, this worldwide financial crisis has affected my overall sales to a great extend and saving up money is a herculian task.
I'll try to release it March or April 2009 but it all depends on my sales till then.

5)- Finally, some good news (for you). Since I'm left alone now, without any serious wholesales, I'll have to sell my stuff all alone... BUT given that I won't be selling at low- price wholesale rates anymore I WILL be able to lower the prices for my NEXT RELEASES, by about 30%.
So, as of 2009, my NEW DVD's will retail at about 17 Euro, instead of 23.50, and that SHOULD be good news!