Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KADIN DUSMANI DVD available as of today

Right, today, May 27, I got it from the factory and I'm waiting for 498 (2 copies were damaged and thrown away) buyers.

I hope I'll live long enough to see this release sold out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

KADIN DUSMANI in the Factory

Yesterday, I took the master to the factory, at long last.

I encountered a problem with the sound and it took me a few extra days plus a few 100's of Euros to get it fixed.
There was a horrible hissing buzz throughout and it wouldn't go away no matter what.
I had to take it to a special sound studio and eventually the sound became hiss-free, clear, strong and as good as it gets!

The picture quality is better than I expected. Well, it's actually one of my CLEAREST releases!
And now that I watched it with subtitles I loved it even more.
It's a genuine, original, sick, unpredictable gloomy giallo... from 1967, in Turkey!

Now, the dvd will be in my hands for sale by the end of next week.

As for the price?
Remember that my 500 copy titles were 23.50 euro in retail, ok?
But, as promised earlier, now that I've run out of wholesales, I will share my lost wholesale prices with you.
So, as of now, all my future releases will be sold for 17.50 euro, ONLY!

Ok, one of these days I'll let you know about my new acquisitions and the title coming after Kadin Dusmani.
As for "when" is the next one, it ALL depends on "when" I get back enough money to be able to pay for it...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here I am again, still breathing.

For those who care about what's going on with KADIN DUSMANI DVD, a few minutes ago I received the subs and I'll shortly start working on them.

Well, lately I've been -and still am- facing various problems with my personal life... lots of shit etc.

A big problem is the cash.
My current super-discounts don't seem to do the trick and I can't say I'm ready to pay for the dvd costs right now.
See, I'm one of those guys who hate owing money to anybody.
I always work in hand-to-hand terms. One hand gives the cash, the other hand gets the stuff.

But since I also hate fooling around I'll save on bread and milk and I'll just go on and release this damn thing in about 3 weeks.

This time, I'm in the unpleasant position of declaring that there's no retail sources you could buy this one from.
Right, I'm out of wholesales.
And I don't give a damn if a couple of small stores buy 2-3 copies from me just to demonstrate they got cool stuff for sale.

At least you can now buy them much cheaper than before since I'm going to combine the old wholesale prices with my retail ones resulting in really attractive prices!

Too bad though, as I'm going to have to wait for a loooooong time before I get back enough cash to release my next dvd.

...Speaking of which, what's it going to be?

I'm not really sure...
I was planning to seal the deal for the ALTIN COCUK films and CICI CAN and release the first ALTIN COCUK film next...
BUT, Yilmaz Atadeniz is back again, asking for more money since I was dumb enough to sign licenses for 18 months ONLY instead of 5 years like ALL companies do!!

This case is a big pain in the ass and I must either throw tons of dvd's in the toilet and never release other films at all, OR pay Atadeniz LOTS of cash!

This situation has caused me so much trouble and grief that I've lost my appetite for the whole Turkish Films story.

I may as well start selling greek cheese-pie in my neighbourhood or something...