Tuesday, July 13, 2010


How could this be??

Perhaps some of you remember that the films I considered the "lostest" were ZAGOR KARA BELA and ZAGOR KARAKORSANIN HAZINELERI.
At the same time they were my hugest obsessions since Zagor has always been my favourite comic book hero!

All those years, the biggest collectors, the biggest researchers, the biggest archivers, the biggest companies etc have always told me to "FORGET ABOUT THOSE 2 ZAGOR FILMS!!".

But somehow, God helped me unearth both of them!
I couldn't believe it if I didn't have the copies in my hands of course.
And the copies ARE in MY hands!

That the same day I got the Zagors in my hands I was found with a brain tumour!
And the last 5 days have been a nightmare.
I've never felt so broken or hopeless and weak.

In one week I'll go to a hospital for an urgent surgery.
I'll spend a big fortune which I'll borrow from some bank and after the surgery God only knows how things will turn out, how I'll look like, if I'm cured, if I have side effects etc.

For the moment though, you can enjoy the 2 Zagor trailers and hope I'll be well enough to release them soon enough...



Jared said...

Oh man, Bill! Best of luck my friend! You will be in my prayers! The world needs a dedicated film fan and wonderful human being such as yourself! It also needs once-thought-lost Turkish pulp films, but it certainly needs you more! Keep us updated, good buddy!

Jack J said...

I'll ditto everything jared & Fred said and I hope everything's gonna go well.

petcor80 said...

life harsh little ironies
a great discovery and the worst of news come together

strength and courage Bill, for all that is to come, my thoughts are with you.
Peter Cornelissen

David A. Zuzelo said...

All the best Bill, my thoughts are with you.

Benjamin said...

When you wrote back and mentioned this to me the other day, Bill, I felt awful for you. I'm a newcomer to Onar, but already felt a connection to you and your releases. Keep fighting the good fight, Bill!

creadishcread said...

Just want to add my best wishes to those already here! Hope you are well again soon.
I'll be ordering more dvds come payday and will spread the word about your wonderful releases!

CiNEZiLLA said...

My thoughts are with you Bill. Hang in there good buddy and be strong.


lovegore said...

Basili sou eyxomai kali epityxia kai min to vazeis katw.Ola tha pane kala!!!Gnwrizw kai egw ena palikari poy eixe to idio provlima kai ekane enxeirisi kai twra einai mia xara!!!

Giannis apo Virona.

Özge said...

I just heard about you and what you do about Turkish cult films. It is sad to hear what you have to go through. I wish you fast recovery and strength to continue what you have been doing. Best wishes

WAX said...

Get well soon Bill. Will buy some more DVDs from you when you are back.

Jack J said...

Many downloaders claim they're going to buy the dvds and support Onar as well. But of course they don't. And soon Bill is gonna quit Onar because he can't afford it and since there are NO other companies to release these films it means we'll be left with bad un-subbed rips of old video tapes. "Great".