Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KIZIL TUG DVD ships as of April 16

Like many others have said, the 40 PAGES GUIDE on ALL TURKISH FANTASTIC FILMS could be the best reason to buy this DVD.
It's not only that of course but I must humbly say I am VERY proud of that booklet. It has turned out to be much better than I imagined and expected.
My designer made a cool job and...

Well, no more bragging... I hope very soon the buyers will be speaking about it so you won't have to count on my personal opinion.


Jared said...

Great news! Can't wait to see the movie and read the booklet!!

rivamarsh said...

I just order my copy, can't wait!!


Harpocalypse said...

great stuff, Bill

I will order as soon as my previous order is delivered!

phoenixank said...

The booklet is truly amazing. Thank you for a great job. I would love it if you could release some of the horror and sci-fi titles.