Monday, May 26, 2008


I decided I should make summer more interesting by offering all my stuff from 2 to 6 euros cheaper, THROUGHOUT summer.
Check my site for more info.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

NEW TRAILERS available!

And now, how about you get a load of my brand new trailers?

Here's this:
for ALTIN COCUK (GOLDEN BOY) (1966), the turkish answer to 007 spy films.

And this:
for MASKELI UCLER (MASKED TRIO) (1971), a lost superhero gem featuring tons of sleaze/nudity too!

And of course this:
for my next DVD, KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING (FEARLESS CAPTAIN SWING) (1971), the adaptation of the cult 1966 italian fumetti western comic IL COMANDANTE MARK.

I'm really interested in your thoughts, comments, suggestions etc!

More trailers, soon...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

CELLAT on DVD in September!

Although I didn't see any fresh votes below about this film I decided to simply go ahead and buy it.

So, I just got a screener off the beta and the quality looks quite good. It cost me a bit more than usual but what the heck!

I'm in the process of contracts etc right now and I will definitely release it in September.

As for extras, cover etc I hope I'll know what it's going to be like in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, in Kizil Tug dvd there are 4 NEW trailers and I'm really looking forward to your thoughts and comments about them...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As a passionate lover of most italian 60's fummetti comics I was shocked to learn that the Turks had made a film adaptation for IL COMANDANTE MARK (1966) a.k.a CAPTAIN SWING a.k.a CAPTAIN MARK.

And this, among other reasons, is what motivated me to start ONAR 3 years ago.

I used to read AND collect the greek edition of the comic back in the 70's and I'm proud to say I have 100's of those precious mags.
Here, Captain Swing first appeared in the late 60's in his own mag called SWING. It only ran for a couple of issues and it was then incorporated in a triple-bill mag called OBRAX (out of... TOM BRAKS). This one ran about 240 issues. Right after that he appeared in JAGUAR mag, among many other heroes which ran about 30 issues. Finally, during the late 80's he appeared in PERIPETEIA (ADVENTURE) in a double bill with TOM BRAKS again, for over 100 issues.

So, in my new DVD coming out late June, I'll include a photogallery of a few of those amazing Greek magazines.

You can of course visit my offial site for more info about the DVD extras.

Finally, let me stress out that this release is a "prova generale" for the "Turkish Western" genre! That is, if this release sells well I'll sure go on and release more Turkish spaghetti westerns. And if you study my Turkish Fantastic Cinema Guide booklet insert in KIZIL TUG CENGIS HAN dvd you will find out there were dozens of them made over there!

In a few days I'll announce my next release for September which will be another novelty in my agenda! You see, ONAR is here to support not only Superhero stuff but ALL genres of Turkish Fantastic Cinema.

The bigger your support, the more films I'll be able to release....