Friday, April 23, 2010


For those who happen to wonder what the hell happened with that site, here's some update.

3 months ago I was convinced the site was non-functional and crappy in more than 1 ways.
For example, I was NOT able to send Newsletters.

So, I had my webmaster pull it down and reconstruct it all over again.

BUT, how can I ever forget about the Devil, or, more precisely, how can the Devil forget about my ass??

More collateral damage then, with my webmaster facing some horrible family and personal and professional tragedies.

Until, 2 days ago, after 3 months of hard work from him, and days of work from me filling in the products etc, the site was supposedly "UP".

BUT then, all of a sudden, without any god damn reason at all, the whole construction, the whole site, goes KA-BOOOOM and gets KA-PUT!

My webmaster is already insane.
He must work all around the clock now just for me to get it up again and as for me I must enter another mind-boggling, nerve-wrecking marathon of doing everything all over again.

But then again, what's the point?
If people wanted to buy my stuff they could easily do it via EBAY.
And this just does NOT happen...

That's it for the moment gentlemen...