Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KIZIL TUG CENGIZ HAN DVD in the factory, BUT...

...But, as you know, there is going to be a booklet insert, TURKISH FANTASTIC CINEMA GUIDE.
I'm afraid this part will obviously delay the release for a few days because some last-minute shit came up and the material is not at the press yet.
It will go tomorrow but those lazy guys need 1 week to get it ready. Meanwhile, the DVD will be ready at the factory but they will wait for the booklet of course.

As for that damn booklet I had to make it 40 pages instead of the originally announced 32, due to massive material. Of course, my costs will go even higher but what the hell, I'm not expecting to get rich with those dvd's.
I made sure there are dozens of cool posters in there, most of which are first-time published anywhere! I chose the rarest of them all!

Also, there is the first part of a huge documentary I have secured. This first part deals with historical movies of course and runs about 15 minutes. You'll see dozens of scenes from dozens of films plus lots of stars and directors speaking, one of them being Cuneyt Arkin! PLUS, the girl from SEYTAN who later starred in historical sword epics. All these, in this part of course.

As for the trailers, there are four of them, ALL from my NEW acquisitions and you have NEVER seen any of them before. Titles?? Well, let's have some suspense here...

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Harpocalypse said...

i am sure the booklet will be well worth the wait ... top stuff as always