Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Onar site down, because of RECONSTRUCTION

As if I wasn't deep enough in shit, my site, fell apart and now it's being reconstructed.

In a few days it's supposed to be up again, in better shape.
And of course, I'll have to pay through my nose for all this.

By the way, one of its bigest problems was that I wasn't able to send NEWSLETTERS to my registered customers.

Last week I made an experiment and sent a newsletter concerning my 2 new dvd's.
However, I think nobody, or just a few people, received it.

I'd really like to know if some of you actually received such a thing last week...

1 comment:

Iain Robert Smith said...

I didn't receive the update so it seems the newsletter didn't work (for me at least) but I will be sure to order Altin Cocuk when the site is back up.