Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interview on ALTIN COCUK DVD

I feel I have to explain why the Interview on ALTIN COCUK DVD looks somewhat grotesque to some.

First of all we're talking about worldweirdcinema's review.
My good friend Jared pointed out there is a problem with this interview.
For some reason, all the other reviews I've received so far didn't notice that, obviously.

Maybe they were tactful but the problem is there and I'm not blaming Jared for bringing it up.

Well, it's one of those damn fuckups that usually fuck me up with those fucking dvd's:

1) The interview I received was TERRIBLY PATCHED UP and AWFULLY EDITED.

2) PLUS, they sent it on a MISERABLE, BROKEN DIVI, with dozens of PICTURE SHAKES!!!!

So, if I wanted to make it look more "like it" I should have just chopped it half.

Therefore, I simply opted to leave it all there AFTER SPENDING DAYS ON THE EDITING ROOM.
And as for the PICTURE SHAKES, I was just forced to cover those spots like this:
I had it re-recorded on another tape. Then, I covered the shaky scenes with scenes from the movie.

But STILL, there seem to be some problems and that's because I had to add the subs FIRST as I didn't know what to further cut and what not.
But then, with the subs on, it was impossible to do a new editing because the whole subs set would fall apart!

That's the whole story folks.

Looks like most of the people who saw it didn't mind.
Some others DID mind and some others WILL mind.

So, better be warned and think twice before spending your cash on a somewhat faulty DVD.

Sorry guys but shit ALWAYS happens with me...


Ninja Dixon said...

To be honest, I can't see what you mean. The interview looks fine to me?

If someone really is irritated about the quality on it, they can just go and fuck themselves. Seriously. It's just complaining for the sake of complaining.

So fuck them Bill, nothing can take away the fact that this is a great release!


Hey Ninja!

My friend, thank you so much for the moral support!

BUT let me stress that the guy who detected this problem was Jared, at worldweirdcinema.

Jared is a friend and a wholehearted supporter of Onar.
The problem was there and he just mentioned it. He didn't make it up.
If he didn't someone else would.

I mean, it's not the doctor's fault when he tells you "you got a virus in your blood man!", right?

The truth is that many people don't notice it or don't bother a lot if they do.

Jared is a demanding fan with a sharp eye.

I never expected this problem would look so annoying so I didn't mention it in advance.

But since it was publicly mentioned I'm not the guy who will deny it or blame the man who noticed it.

I suppose many other anonymous buyers were bothered too but they just didn't bother to let me know about it, either. In fact, one of them agrees with Jared. And in Avmaniacs this is being discussed and some people are concerned, some others tend to agree etc.

Anyway, here's the link by the way:

Great and HONEST review and I THANK Jared for his CONSTANT support!

By the way, SALES SUCK!

Jared said...

Well, THANK YOU Bill, for putting this great DVD out. As I pointed out at Cinehound, it's the meat that matters for that interview and I thought it was great, just sort of amatuerish. I knew (and perhaps should have pointed out in my review) that someone else had put it together, not you. Still, in whatever shape it's in, it's great to have.
But really what we all want to know is: WHAT IS NEXT????

Ninja Dixon said...

Well, I have all respect in the world for Jared - and I can agree with the interview in a technical way is what some people would say is "amateurish" - but still, that stuff just don't bother me at all.

Most of the interviews on Media Blasters eurocult-movies is extremely bad! Obviously shot by someone who don't know what a camera is :)

BUT like the interview on Altin Cocuk, the content is great, the stories being told... all that is more important than a crappy camera man and some digital artifacts :)

I could have accepted the interview even if it was shot with a 20 year old VHS-camera and operated by a monkey, as long as the content has quality :)

But still, I just can't see any problems with the quality here. It's alright and works fine.

This week will I will meet you-know-who, so I hope to mail over some nice photos too you sooner or later.

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