Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm sick and tired of speaking of the devil and how often I ruin innocent people's lives.

Well, today I went to the studio for the final authoring touches etc and I found the chief guy ready to collapse, on a nervous crisis.

What had JUST happened?

Remember the FINAL DESTINATION horror series where death devises 100's of multi-complex plots in order to get the victims?

Similarly, if not identically, the devil did this:

The main studio room, with dozens of machines, pc's, servers and what not has an air-condition unit that keeps the room cool.

Now, the devil managed to cause a mysterious damage to the A/C unit which started leaking water at night while the chief was away of course.
It could have done this all the other 15 hours that he was there but it didn't.

Then, the water dropped on a pc monitor.
Somehow the water hit the proper circuit that caused a short-circuit on the pc.
As a mysterious result the short-circuit spread all over the other machines and blew them up.

And NOW, all the machines are dead, including the server that hosted ALL his projects including MINE.

Therefore, as it seems, all his work is gone to hell and unless it gets fixed somehow, he will have to buy new machines and start all over again which would cause a huge delay on my project.

When I went there and saw him ranting I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

This could happen any of the other 51 weeks of the year BUT it HAD to happen the exact week that my project was being processed!!



Jon Anders said...

That´s just fucked up!

Hope they can fix the machines.

wolfgang said...

really, you should write a book about your live...all these icedences, sheeer unbelievable...all the best, wolfgang

wolfgang said...

ooohhhh nooooo!!!!! - can things like that really possibe??? - From here all the the best for both Onar and your family....
yours, wolfgang


It's getting more unbelievable.

I humorously said it was my fault this whole mess, BUT I got proof that it was ACTUALLY my fault!


3 months ago I took a (jinxy) friend there to get some minor studio service done.
However, lots of fuckups came up with that and at some point the studio chief had to remove the server from the USB machine that protects everything from high voltage.
Then, due to tempestuous fuckups with my friend, he forgot to put the server back to the USB.

As a result, NOW, all the other machines got away with a blown fuse in the worst case EXCEPT the server who just crushed and it will cost him over 1000 Euro to get it fixed, hoping his projects are still undamaged!

clashcity said...

Hi,How does this affect the release schedule ?


This already pushed me back by 10 days.

Now, the machine (server) was just fixed and we are on a smooth way.

Most probably, I'll take the master to the factory this Friday.

As for when the dvd will be in my hands?
Since it's festive season here with many non-working days and tons of work for the factories,
I believe it will be ready in the first week of January.

clashcity said...

Can't wait.
Have a good christmas.