Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A guy earlier suggested I should get promotion and visibility on big sites like Eccentric Cinema or Av Maniacs.

Well, I already tried them but they just connected me with their balls.
Not even a response to say "no thanks".

What's funny is those particular sites boast they present independent labels and other crap but obviously I'm not independent enough for them.

Otherwise, these days I'm experiencing the bad old days' usual devilish shit.

My daughter is sick and every day we're running from doctor to doctor.

I got a horrible pain in the back which kept me some days in bed and now I'm walking like Star Wars' Yonda and I can't even lift a feather.

My studio guy who's working on the dvd authoring is ill with the flu.

PLUS, the guy who designs my covers just got divorced just like my webmaster!

So, ALL the people connected with me are going through hell and me and my family are currently bazzard's meat.

All in all, my mood and psychology are below zero and I just feel like killing myself...
...Something that sure delays the new dvd process....


RudiƩ said...

Hang in there! If it's any help, you just made a Norwegian very happy - I just got the DVDs. Can't wait to watch them. Thanks for such a great service and being a cool guy.

Jared said...

Very sorry to hear about your back and especially your daughter. Hope both are OK soon enough. Believe me, Bill, I know what you're going through (kinda). The last couple of months have been incredibly shitty for my personal life as well. And might be getting worse into next year. Have you contacted Ian Jane at AVM? I know he's a fan of your stuff, and would gladly review or promote them any way they can. At the very least I post there about your DVDs all the time. Hang in there pal. You're totally my hero and I know you can make it through all this garbage!

Fred said...

You have a lot of support on avmanics! Who did you contact?

Here's my reviews of your dvds so far:

And I got Kilink Istanbul'da a couple of days ago :)

I will right now write something about the great offer you have on the Superman double bill to :)


My friend Fred,

The support I have at AVM is from good individuals who just say a few nice words and that's it.

I got nice reviews from your blog and site and I thank you from my heart!

BUT, I wish I had a review from AVM too.
You can see tons of lengthy reviews on the Reviews Section.

I emailed the "contact us" people.
They weren't kind enough to just say "no thanks".

Same with Eccentric Cinema etc.

And I wonder... who's worse?
Those who never say "no thanks" OR those who ASK for a review copy AND get it BUT NEVER put up a review and NEVER reply to my emails again?

Let me say that the latter occassion is more often than the former one.

Ninja Dixon said...

That's shit Bill, people who gets a screener and don't do any marketing for the product is fucked up! Sorry to hear that! :(

I'm trying to encourage fellow bloggers to do a drive about Onar Films - check my latest post - and I hope it will spread!

Just keep up the good work!


J said...


Hope things get brighter for you as soon as possible.

Also, I used to do the DVD covers for MIDNIGHT VIDEO in the States, before he stopped releasing his "Collectors series". Let me know what you need and I'll help you out. I'll give you the same deal I gave Midnight. So shoot me a mail and we'll see what I can do for you.

I WILL deep review titles for you when I can.

Stay strong my friend. Good things come to those who deserve it.

P.S. I still haven't bought any winter tires! :)

@Dixon - I'm so up for a ONAR blogathon. Just say when.