Friday, November 21, 2008

Next Release and general news

Hi to all!

1)- To those who missed my posts I apologise but the past weeks have been a total hell for me and I wish I could just delete them from my life.
They made me feel like shit, they cost me a psychological downfall and 7,000$ (so far), and it's got nothing to do with films. Just personal stuff...

2)- CELLAT has been around for exactly 1 month now. The first days it moved pretty fast, but the last days now it has just come to a "grinding halt", as THE CURE used to sing.
However, thanks to a great wholesaler right now I've sold a total of about 350 pcs, meaning there are about 150 left, whatever this could mean.

3) I'd really LOVE to hear any comments on the VIGILANTE DOCUMENTARY on this DVD, and particularly which of the reviewed movies intrigued you the most. I, for one, got excited with all of them but let me stress out the importance of BUYUK KIN (BIG HATE). I have seen the whole film and was overwhelmed by how bleak, violent, savage, pessimistic and well-made it is. And keep in mind it was made in 1967!
I guess I'll have to upload a long trailer for everyone to check out. Meanwhile, please go ahead and offer me your suggestions!

4)- If you check my site, you'll see info for my NEXT RELEASE, KADIN DUSMANI (WOMAN DESPISER), an unexpectedly effective gothic giallo TRULY ORIGINAL mega- obscurity, from 1967!
When exactly will it be out? Due to my personal shit, explained above, I'm going through a damn frustrating adventure which is going to cost me many more 1,000's of $$ meaning that it may take me much longer than what I figure.
Besides, this worldwide financial crisis has affected my overall sales to a great extend and saving up money is a herculian task.
I'll try to release it March or April 2009 but it all depends on my sales till then.

5)- Finally, some good news (for you). Since I'm left alone now, without any serious wholesales, I'll have to sell my stuff all alone... BUT given that I won't be selling at low- price wholesale rates anymore I WILL be able to lower the prices for my NEXT RELEASES, by about 30%.
So, as of 2009, my NEW DVD's will retail at about 17 Euro, instead of 23.50, and that SHOULD be good news!


John said...

That IS good news, and I am SO glad you're releasing "Woman Despiser." It looks really great, and giallo is always welcome! I asked for all the Onar releases I'm missing for Christmas this year, too, so hopefully that should direct a few sales your way, Bill! Keep up the good work, and don't let the bad stuff get you down. Your releases are AMAZING and I treasure all of them. You're the best!

wolfgang said...

WOMAN DESPISER will be very welcome!
It is very good to read, that you chosed to jump out of the basket of your problems and cannot imagine how hard it is, but it gives you a mission, a focus you can concentrate on, back and this helps to sometimes to ban for some time our personal problems out of our mind!
You are on the right track as it seems, try to keep...
(Ithink u know who is speaking...)
best wishes, wolfgang

BigBot said...

My suggestions: Tolgay Ziyal' Kizil Maske 2 (1968) and Cavit Yuruklu' Kizil Maske'nin Intikami (1971). The Phantom has fans in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and Nordic region, Australia, India, Italy, Brazil, England, Israel, Spain, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Jugoslavia, New Zealand, South America, France, Thailand, Singapore, Netherlands, Hellas, Fiji and Venezuela.

+ the Cuneyt Arkin movies:
Battal Gazi Geliyor,
Olum Savascisi,
Son Savasci,
Kilic Aslan.

Thanks Bill!

phoenixank said...

Hi Bill,

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope they pass soon.

I'm really looking forward to 'Kadin Dusmani' and the documentary that will go with it. May I humbly suggest that "The Misogynist" would be a much better translation of the title. While "Woman Despiser" is very literal, there is a one-word equivalent in English that gives the meaning more clearly.

Keep us informed of your plans!


Yes, The MISOGYNIST is a closer translation but WOMAN DESPISER is more literal and sounds more...Sick? Ominous? Giallo-ish?
Besides, the Misogynist reminds me of comedies... could be an italian sexy comedy.
Also, there was an old Greek comedy called O MISOGYNIS (THE MISOGYNIST) and I'd hate the slightest association.

About releasing KIZL MASKE and its sequel... I've bitterly realised superhero stuff is kinda DEAD.
I'll hang on some more with such films till they become a bit more....DESIREABLE, and then I'll release something.

wolfgang said...

what? No more superheroes from the land of the most ones after the usa??? - What ele instead??? - please let us know your plans, Bill! - Any turkish western in sight??? - anyway, almost anything is wlcome, cause we all know, that our mr. onar has a good taste ;-)

Jon Anders said...

Woman Despiser id the best IMO. It´s way more grindhouse than the other.

Looking forward to your future releases!


Wolfgang, buddy,
I will DIFINITELY release more superhero stuff next year, because I have ALREADY bought some and therefore I have to release them.
I have MASKELI UCLER, CASUS KIRAN 7 CANLI ADAM and maybe some other..

As for Westerns... Kaptan Swing is a total disappointment, sales- wise...
Of course, it's not a genuine spaghetti western so I'll have to make a second attempt on this genre.

But so far I haven't bought anything relevant.

Most probably, after KADIN DUSMANI I'll release ALTIN COCUK which is the first part of a quadrilogy!
It's the turkish equivalent of 007 movies, and the 2nd part (ALTIN COCUK BEYRUT'TA) features a masked super villain too, making it a genuine superhero movie!

But taking into consideration the worldwide financial crisis I can NOT be certain for anything.

IF THE TURKS decide to help me and make me better prices things will be easier but I doubt it...

Sef said...

The vigilante documentary on the Cellat disc was a nice insight for those unfamiliar with or new to Turkish movies.
I have to agree with you about Buyuk Kin, it's a superb film (you can never go wrong with Ayhan Isik) but if I personally had to choose as to which film out of those on the doc that I would love to see get the DVD treatment, then it would have to be BELANIN YEDI TURLUSU with Yilmaz Guney & Feri Cansel. This is Turkish revenge cinema at it's best in my opinion and it's also astonishingly violent & nasty for it's time as well! (1969) I've had to settle for a poor quality copy of this for a while now - surely there must be a better print somewhere!?

All the best Bill - keep it up my friend.