Saturday, October 4, 2008


I received an email from a frequent buyer who was complaining about the high prices of my recent dvd's and that all Hollywood releases are much cheaper etc.

Here's (again) the answer/ explanation to everybody and please tell me if I'm wrong or absurd or greedy or whatever...

First, the price is not £23.50 (pounds) but 23.50 EURO, which is completely
different (this is what he assumed).

Second, those brilliant Hollywood releases come out in 10,000 or 50,000
copies or even more so they CAN afford to sell them at even 10$ and
STILL have a gigantic profit!

Third, in case you haven't noticed, my NEW dvd's come in 500 (five
hundred) numbered copies!
Now, given that I pay for copyrights, factory, studio authoring,
translations, remastering etc, selling them at 23.50 EURO will only leave
me with a TINY profit even if I sell out!

Just mention me any other release, as limited as mine, that's cheaper
than mine!

Fourth, I'm NOT getting 23.50 EUR on all of them! Half of them are sold
wholesale to dealers at 12 EURO! Now, can you imagine what kind of
"profit" I'm getting?

Fifth, all my dealers are going away and my biggest one is closing down,
meaning that AFTER CELLAT dvd I will be selling my stuff ALONE!

This is BAAAAAD news for me but GREAT for you because I won't have to
sell at 12 euro to any dealers so I will be able to lower my prices!
So, after CELLAT, it looks like I'll be ALL alone and I will be able to sell
my new dvd's at about 18 euro, or even less, maybe 17!

Also, if you buy multiple items you will be getting a discount as you know and
therefore, my 23,50 dvd's will finally come for about 20, anyway.


wolfgang said...

I think bill ´ s explanations are easy to understand, aren ´t they??? And I hope all his supporters will accept his decision; so, hey, he ´s giving us thousand and thousand metres of delicious celluloid-heaven in exchange!!! - I ´ll bet it ´s worth.

Dave said...

Numbers and costings on small run, specialist/niche interest productions like Onar releases can never hope to compete with the pricing discounts available to large companies and corporations that distribute and sell discs in quantities of hundreds of thousands or even millions.

In my opinion, Bill sources material and produces these essentially limited edition discs at an extremely reasonable price and provides a superb, much needed and very appreciated service.

And I promise I'm not being paid to write this, I'm just a happy customer!

wolfgang said...

I have totally agree to dave; but otherwise, there could be built up some kind of a community that "hails" onar as a cult; here is the chance that lays by us customers. otherwise it would cost too much money for advertisments etc...