Thursday, September 11, 2008


As if I didn't have enough problems, I just received a threatening message from Yilmaz Atadeniz, the producer of the 3 KILINK films I have released, that our contract period is overdue and that I must either give him MORE money to prolong the contract or return him ALL my remaining DVD's!

Yes, our contract mentioned 18 months and I was stupid enough to believe that he wouldn't mind giving me a break.
I was stupid enough to ASSUME that after that period, he was JUST free to sell the copyrights to another guy too.
And I was stupid enough to believe that 18 months were enough to sell out.

And now....

So, while we're talking, I'll try to buy some time, for maybe 1 month and try to get rid of my 2 KILINK dvd's (KILINK ISTANBUL'DA & KILINK DOUBLE BILL).

Thankfully, I've ALMOST sold out KILINK ISTANBUL'DA.
There are about 120 dvd's left.
But there are at least 400 dvd's left of KILINK DOUBLE BILL, which means 1 month is NOT enough to get rid of them.

So, for about 1 month, the 1st KILINK will be available on my site. After that, it will HAVE to disappear!
I don't think I'll sell out in 1 month but I'll just have to remove it from the site.

As for the other KILINK dvd, I'll be offering it at a ridiculous price and then I'm not sure...
Return all the remaining ones to the producer?
Or double- pay like a damn fool a small fortune for a deadbeat that will not sell out even in 10 years?

I really don't know what to do.

What's worse is that Atadeniz will probably demand the same thing for stuff I haven't EVEN released!

I bought from him ZORRO KAMCILI SUVARI & MASKELI SEYTAN about 2 years ago and I bet he'll be asking for more money before I even release them!!

...Which means I'll prefer to NOT release them at all and stuff them in my ass, instead of doing him the favour and pay again before I even release them.


Jon Anders said...

That´s just horrible! What a greedy bastard!!!! You´re like the only person on the whole planet who releases his movies on dvd, and he just wants more money!

I say fuck him and don´t release anymore of his stuff! Find some other guy instead and put out his stuff instead.

How much is he asking per film? Hope you haven´t lost to much money...

I´ll post a notice on my blog, telling people to buy your stuff. Maybe it´ll help a little ;)

John said...

It seems like a waste of your money to just not release the films at all, even if Yilmaz is being an asshole about things. Would it be possible to make a very limited run of the movies and try to sell them quickly, before the license runs out? Or would the DVDs be too expensive or not cost-effective of you. I'd definitely buy Maskeli Seytan if it were out there.

It sucks that he's not giving you a break. You've got more than enough other things to worry about as it is. Good luck, Bill!

wolfgang said...

unbelievabe!!!! - as if you didn ´t have enough problems in the past and ongoing!!!! -
I have no words for this guy...