Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hi to all!
Summer is sadly over...
My summer discount offers are over too, by the way.
Thanks for the support to all the ones who decided to take a chance on my stuff!

A few of you out there noticed that my new, 11th DVD, KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING, came out early August, on 500 numbered copies. Most of the others just did NOT notice...

CELLAT is supposed to come out late October.
The relevant documentary on Turkish Revenge flicks is ready and on its way to me.
My ORDER was that it MUST be full of clips and teasers and highlights from dozens of bloody revenge- vigilante Turkish movies. A personal favourite is called BUYUK KIN (BIG HATE) (1967) and the scenes included will most probably get you hooked!

Now, after CELLAT.. what? Good question...
If you check the NEW trailers on Kaptan Swing DVD and all the previous ones, from Kizil Tug etc, you could just SUGGEST.

Some guys are begging me to release more westerns, but I'm afraid if Kaptan Swing is a western to go by (sales-wise) I should NEVER release anything similar, not even in 100 years...

Same with historical stuff. KIZIL TUG was my death and I will avoid releasing anything of that kind during this century...


wolfgang said...

AH! Nightmare! - Bill, maybe you should realize some really "dusters", some "hard turksish westerns", before you give up on that genre!!! - I`ve seen turkish Lucky Luke on youtube, it is a comedy, but I think not that stuff that people are willing to spend money for. - As you might know I ´m from Austria and I can tell you honestly, that austrians as well as germans are hunting for rare spaghettis!!!! - But not comedies. They pay for the thrilling hard, dirty ones!!! No matter where they came from - so why not from Turkey or Greece??? - ZAGOR, has to be realeased, anyway. Although I am not aware of the italian language, I always bought some issues being on holiday in italy , whenever I could!!!
what after CELLAT??? you ask? - Man, Golden Boy, 3 Masked Men, maybe some action then.
OK. You must know the best. Got my order some days ago: compliment!!!!
Even my 5 1/2 years old son, who cannot read or write english has found your "trurkish superman" and since that he always keeps talking about it, when we discuss (serious cinophile father/son stuff) about superheroes and superhero - movies!!! He - no lie - just can ´t wait to understand enough english to watch it!!!

With this thought I leave you into a - hopefully - gentle night!

Bill, you should never forget that you do a hellova job; you are on your way to fullfill your mission. That ´s the way I see it.
Think maybe what you can change, but do not ever think about giving up. There is not a single person on the whole wide world who could replace your position!!!!!! - all the best, wolfgang

phoenixank said...

Hi Bill. It's good to see you back. I always assumed that Golden Boy was next up in December. So I take it that's not a given just yet.

I have also seen that you have the trailer for Kadin Dusmani in Kaptan Swing's extras. That would be a dream release for me as I heard very good things about it.

Finally, some of us are very excited about Cici Can but I guess that will have to be next year.

John said...

I admit I'm not a big fan of either peplum or westerns, but I still plan on getting both of your releases as soon as I start my new job next month. As everyone says, don't give up, Bill! If one thing doesn't work, try another.

I bet action-type releases will probably do the best, as they are what most people who are exploring Turkish movies know the most about. I'd agree, I'm always ready to see more action, superheroes, etc. Once I finally get my hands on those newest DVDs, I'll be able to give some better advice.

Keep up the good work, Bill, and don't despair! We believe in you!