Sunday, May 18, 2008

NEW TRAILERS available!

And now, how about you get a load of my brand new trailers?

Here's this:
for ALTIN COCUK (GOLDEN BOY) (1966), the turkish answer to 007 spy films.

And this:
for MASKELI UCLER (MASKED TRIO) (1971), a lost superhero gem featuring tons of sleaze/nudity too!

And of course this:
for my next DVD, KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING (FEARLESS CAPTAIN SWING) (1971), the adaptation of the cult 1966 italian fumetti western comic IL COMANDANTE MARK.

I'm really interested in your thoughts, comments, suggestions etc!

More trailers, soon...


yardbird66 said...
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Jon Anders said...

You´ve got to release MASKELI UCLER (MASKED TRIO) as soon as possible! It looks like great fun!

You´re doing a fantastic job with these releases! Keep it up!

Emil said...
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Emil said...

My favorite by far among these is definetly Maskeli Ucler, I believe it looks absolutely amazing! You can’t go wrong with sleazy superheros, at least not in my book.
I love the shot with just a close up of that wiggling ass, and the fight scenes, oh my god, this film looks so brilliant I can’t wait for a future release. Just the sort of stuff that should be force fed to the mass audience to make the world a better place. Really amazed at the level of sleaze and smut crammed in to that short trailer.
I’m behind you 100% on this one.

Altin Cocuk also looks very exciting, I look forward to seeing the turkish take on the spy genre.
But as you can probably tell, Maskeli Ucler is the one that really caught my attention.

Its really amazing how you manage to uneath these gems, just keep 'em comming my friend!

phoenixank said...

I am really excited about Golden Boy. When are you planning to release it Bill?


golden boy- ALTIN COCUK
Will most probably be released in December.

Mr Goldenage said...

When will the MASKELI UCLER be released? I'd certainly would purchase it. Please can you tell me when you might release it? Thank you

Richard Boucher
PR Publications


MASKELI UCLER will be released some time next year.
It looks like people are fed up with superhero stuff so I better release a few different films before I get back with more masked heroes...