Monday, February 4, 2008


If you check my home page at Onar's site you will find all the info about my next release.

I'd just like to elaborate on 3 of its features.

1- Documentary: Turkish Fantastic Cinema - Part 1 :
I have bought a superb Documentary, running 92 minutes, including dozens of interviews and scenes from countless obscure films of all genres. It runs by genre (Western, Historical, Superhero, Cuneyt Arkin, etc etc) so, I decided to offer it in relevant parts, depending on genre.
This DVD is Historical so you'll see the part featuring lots of sequences from cult films/series like TARKAN, KELOGLAN, MALCOCOGLU and many more, plus interviews and explanatory voice-over!

2- Booklet (32 pages): Full Catalog of Turkish Fantastic Films:
I used the best experts and managed to make a huge, complete catalog of ALL Turkish Fantastic Films, by genre and year. With english translation for each title. Plus, intriguing introductions on each genre, with highlights on specific titles and directors.Plus, tons of photos!
I really believe this will be the DEFINITE, ULTIMATE GUIDE on Turkish Cult Cinema!!

3- NEW Trailers
I have bought many NEW films, you know. I'll tell you about the titles at another post, this month. BUT, if you want to check their trailers you better get this DVD.

Well, I bet you agree that this is my most extras-packed release so far, right?
But WHY?
Let me be frank and honest.
This is a Historical Peplum film and I already know that most of ONAR's fans don't give a damn about this kind of stuff.
But I can't always release Superhero stuff because everybody will be bored to death sooner or later.

I'm a fan of ALL genres of Turkish Fantastic Cinema and I really want to release stuff from ALL genres. Historical, Western, Fairy Tale, Bizarre etc etc.

So, EVEN IF you don't dig this film I'm trying to MAKE you buy it offering you those extras as sort of BAIT or COMPENSATION (choose either...)

PLUS, it will be sold CHEAPER than the other 500-copies DVD's!
I know I'll have trouble selling it so what with the EXTRAS AND the LOWER price, I want to believe it will finally sell out sooner or later.

I'm doing it because I like it and I'll do my best to find another 500 true cinema fans who will NOT let buried films stay buried.


HunterfromtheFuture said...

Oh my God!
A whole documentary AND an awesome catalogue just as the extras!
Truly the world is a sick and deplorable place if this release doesn't sell out within a year.
Hell, I'd buy a release like this if the documentary was the main feature, I'd pay good money to own a catalogue like that, and now we're treated to them as insanely fantastic extras!!
It looks like this will be an amazing year when it comes to Onar releases, that's for sure.
You really are a true hero, Bill, I hope you understand that.
Reading this makes me so happy I could cry...

Jared said...

The extras alone have already pushed this release into front-runner status for "DVD of the Year 2008". Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to this one, Bill.

Jon Anders said...

nice! looking forward to it!

Jack J said...

Count me in.

Demir said...

Get a life, please.


I avoid replying to nasty, malevolent, arrogant and ironic comments from nasty, malevolent and ironic persons like you but...
You may be right!
Your name says you're a muslim so...
Why would a Greek Christian like me give a damn about turkish trash like Kizil Tug and all the others?
... Hmm, let's say I already GOT a life and I fucking like it and it's full of adventure and passion and meaning and a purpose....
And I just feel like a... sultan with 100's of people from around the world APPRECIATING what I do and considering my dvd's something like salt and pepper in their entertainment section of their life.
Hey, I also got a great family.

Now, how about yourself?
I will leave your arrogant comment here for all the people to see and judge for themselves...

John said...

This is amazing! And I have to tell you, Bill, your strategy worked perfectly. I'll admit, I generally don't really care about peplums, and I wasn't all that interested in this release, but when I saw the extras list, I was hooked. Of course, I was also once worried that some of the older superhero movies would be kind of boring, but oh how wrong I was; the Kilink movies are now some of my favorites. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your marketing strategy is working, and that I will definitely be buying this release. And you know what, I bet I'll really like it and be proved wrong; I've yet to be bored by a Turkish movie, I have to say.

Keep up the good work, Bill! We believe in you.

phoenixank said...

I'm definitely buying this one. I really think the extras contribute hugely to a dvd's appeal and you have got me very interested in Kizil Tug.

kilink66 said...

hi bill, i will be buying this too.mainly for the extras.nevermind the negative comments.keep up the good work.all the best.

mikehaberfelner said...

Thanks, you've made my day.
Not only do I thing the extras are beyond perfection - but I simply LOVE historical dramas, peplums and the like - and I'm really eager to see one from Turkey for a change.
So thank you thank you thank you

phoenixank said...

Hi Bill,

You promised us new trailers sometime in February. It's already March.

Please don't leave us hanging on!


Dear Phoenixank
Sorry to keep you hanging but I decided to premiere my NEW trailers in my Kizil Tug dvd.
It's kind of blatant but this is a tiny gimmick.
People may be urged/tempted/motivated to buy this dvd counting on these NEW trailers, too.
If I make them public now many people will lose interest in the dvd.

However, I'll sure upload them at youtube too, 30 days after the dvd's release.

Thanks for your kind interest!