Sunday, February 3, 2008

CICI CAN- Turkish Weird Unique 1963 Lost Gem!

Remember a mysterious teaser I uploaded last December?
It was called "Turkish Eerie Lost Gem" and I only had a promo of the first 7 minutes off which I made up a 2 minutes teaser.

Ok now, I just received the screener of the whole movie, watched it carefully and made up a big trailer of about 7 minutes:

The title is CICI CAN (pronnounced CHICHI JAN) and was made in 1963 by the team that later on made the 007 ripoff ALTIN COCUK series.

I was told it was based on a kids comic!! The movie itself ranges from spooky to weird and eerie and nutty and silly and superheroic and metaphysical and nostalgic and romantic and....
Generally I find it to be a truly unprecedented Turkish movie and totally original in every way.
For example, can you tell me of ANY other films of that period that used the "cartoon with real actors" effect?
Here, we have a gross ghost animation among real actors! In Turkey! In 1963!!

Now, as a democratic man, I'll do it like this.
I'll leave it up to you.
You be the judge of it!

So, I'll expect your VOTES!

Here and now, the sooner the better, PLEASE VOTE!
Under the comments, you say if you want me to release it or not.
I must get at least 50 comments to decide.
If most of you are really intrigued then I will release it.
If most of you are like "so and so" or "what crap is that?" then I won't.

The sooner I get your 50 votes the sooner I'll decide.


John said...

YES! Please release it! Please!

HunterfromtheFuture said...

As it intriguing and weird as this film seems, I must confess that I am still longing for the day when the fist violent and hardboiled turkish actioncrime makes its Onarfilms debut.
Also I feel unsure about how the market will react to a title like this one.. but then again, I know nothing of it.
Therefore I must vote NO on this one.


Dear hunterfromthefuture...
Thanks for your opinion but I think you may be a little off topic here.

You're saying 2 things, IRRELEVANT to the actual question which is IF YOU LIKE THIS FILM.

You're saying:
1- I must release crime films
2- You don't know how the market will react.

My buddy:
1- Crime films are not the subject here, PLUS I will try to do it some day.
2- YOU ARE THE MARKET! And I want to know about YOU exclusively.

Imagine 50 people here telling my DON'T RELEASE IT.... EVEN THOUGH THEY LIKE IT...

So, please vote again and just tell us if you REALLY LIKE THIS FILM.

Miltos the cinehound said...

A weird flick with many fantasy elements, f/x, nice chicks etc...I vote YES !!

petcor80 said...

I don't understand the language so it was hard to judge the tone of the movie from this trailer for me (my main question: is it meant for children or not?). But at first glance this wouldn't be a movie that I would buy. Sorry :(

btw. I think it's great you are releasing that peplum film, with great extra's to boot! And if I might express a wish like hunterfromthefuture, it would be Turkish Sword & Sorcery! Altar or Tarkan or something forgotten maybe :)

Jared said...

Please ignore the negative comments! This looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't even need to finish watching the trailer to decide, it looks like a total winner. Will it be a huge seller? Probably not, but as you've made clear, Onar exists not for profit, but for love and history. I would gladly pay upwards of $50 American for such a odd and unique looking movie. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Release it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HunterfromtheFuture said...

Sorry about that, Bill.
But as I mentioned, my vote is NO on this one.

Jon Anders said...


Loversnacks said...

The film looks great! I've purchased every one of your previous releases, & would love to have this film in my collection. I VOTE YES!

Joe said...

I've bought every Onar release and even the ones I thought would be mediocre I've ended up enjoying the hell out of, so it is a no brainer for me to say "ABSOLUTELY YES."

As for those who say "No," all I can ask is where in the hell is your sense of adventure? I'd trade ten to twenty of my other prized DVDs to keep my Onar DVDs.

drmark7 said...

Read about this on WORLDWIDE CINEMA blog. Saw the AMAZING clips there. Looks like nothing I've seen before. You've got my vote. When can I get the DVD?

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"Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/

Lova said...

I vote yes on this one, it would be interesting to see, I will buy it.

Iain Robert Smith said...

I say 'Yes,' it certainly looks like a fascinating film.

phoenixank said...

Hi there,

I think the film looks really intriguing. I for one would buy it. So what are you waiting for....

Robert Riley-Mercado said...

I would love to see this film be released by Onar Films.

rivamarsh said...

Please, Please put this out, I will definitely buy it the first day!


Ragola74 said...

Hi!I have just seen the "Cici Can" trailer,and my vote is:YES..YES..YES!
I really look forward for your April release as well:-)It looks awesome and the extra's sounds fantastic as well.
As far as I could tell,"Cici Can"didn't look much like a kid movie to me!It seemed to have all the things that a true cult movie needs.
Keep up the good work:-)

Flichtouille said...
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Flichtouille said...

I've got only one thing to say : Yes, release it !

Thunderbolt Buddha said...

Yeah, release it, pleaaaaaase !!!

kilink66 said...

yes release it.i will buy this one & some others i need off you in the near future.thanks.all the best.

mikehaberfelner said...

Please, please PLEASE put this one out !
This looks like the kind of films I have been looking for for a long time, and it would be an utter shame if this would remain buried !!!

Brandon said...

If you release it, I will buy it the second it is out.

Brandon said...
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yesilcamvideo said...

Hi Bill,
Great blog. all the movies you've released so far are sensational lost gems as for Cici Can my vote will be a No. if you ask i can tell you firstly it is not a rare movie and is currently being broadcasted on a turkish movie channel almost everyday. secondly the movie is a kids movie its dennis the menace of the 60's. and finally its all over the internet i suggest release something more rare a title which nobody has heard of or a title which is a real lost gem eg "Zagor Kara Korsanin Hazineleri" now this is what i call a lost gem. Based a a comic book character or even one of the Karaoglan titles such as the following

Karaoglan Kardesi Sargan
Karaoglan Seyhin Kizi
Karaoglan Yesil ejder

titles which nobody has even heard of or even seen.

For cici Can my vote is a "No" sorry

Harpocalypse said...

yes, I will be getting a copy

Anonymous said...

Absolutely YES!