Tuesday, December 28, 2010


First of all I wish a very HAPPY 2011 to all of you!

If it goes just a bit worse for me I'm a dead man.

As for poor ZAGOR, obviously the DVD is not out yet.
Lack of money and lack of good mood are bad consultants I'm afraid.

Ok, I'm saying I'll try to put it out by the end of January but who would believe me?


Jared said...

I believe! I believe!

CiNEZiLLA said...

What about a preorder/prepay arrangement? I'd back that if it ever came around!

take care Bill and make sure to put your health in the first room, the movies in the second!


shonokin said...

I hope the new year finds you in much better health Bill. Take care!

docvoltage said...

I'll prepay for my copy if that will help.

creadishcread said...

Like others have said, I would also be happy to preorder my copy. I'm really excited about this and, especially, the Kilink film you have mentioned before! :)

crust_fan said...

Hello. I just found this great company yesterday and ordered a couple of DVDs. Now when i try to watch the page (not this blogg) it says that it closed. I would really like an answer what has happend and if there still are going to be shipping of DVDs or if the company is no more. If thats the case its really a shame. Love that you have maked these rare and great movies availible on DVD.

creadishcread said...

@crust_fan - I ordered a couple of weeks ago with no problems.

All of the dvds still seem to be available at Bill's ebay account:

Hopefully the website will be up again soon?

Vikar said...

keep up the good work

we are waiting for zagor


crust-fan, the site is up again- not that it makes any difference of course-.

If you're Max then your payment was received and stuff is on its way...

As for preorders, I'll never do it because no matter what, I always fall out of time and deadlines and I just HATE having people wait, let alone being nagged at.

I simply wish I had NEVER started this god damn f*cking business...

docvoltage said...

Hopefully Zagor will come out because it means you're doing better. I know about brain tumors, so I know it's gotta be hard for you to do your work, but God willing, you'll bounce back and so will sales.

What brought the site down ?


The site was brought down because the domain owners didn't notify me that my annual subscription had expired.

Jack J said...

Hey Bill,
It's been a while since your last update, I hope you are alright and all.

best wishes


Dear friends,

Greetings to all. My name is Ali Murat Guven. I'am a Turkish film critic, cine historian, have been working in an Istanbul-based newspaper and a close friend of Vassilis. To date, I helped him at the preparing period of many Onar Film DVD releases.

Now, I have a very sad news for all of you. You probably know Vassilis' brain surgery operation in last winter. After that dangerous operation, Vassilis was going to be better step by step. But, at the beginning of last august, suddenly he had a stroke at home and the right side of his body was paralyzed. For one month, he can not move his right arm and right leg.
Like you, I wondered where he is and what is the final situation of Zagor DVD's. Therefore, I called him last august. His wife Julia told all the sad story to me on the phone. I have got his home number and his wife's handy number. After first news, I called his home two more times. Also some of my journalist friends called. He is on the bed, his wife takes him to therapy in the hospital everyday. Sometimes he can speak slowly, but sometimes he can't. One time, I could speak with him.
So, you must pray for Vassilis. He is a very intelligent and good guy. His heart is like an angel. But he lived very bad things this year.
I think, this cure process will go on at least 4-6 months at the hospital. Doctors are trying to walk him again, even with a stick. It is a very difficult cure and needs too much patience.
In my telephone calls, I am trying to motivate positively his wife and him. I always say to the family members, "Everything will be all right again! Please be patient!"
Please don't forget that points:
1) VASSILIS can not buy or sell nothing now and in the near future. At least for 3-4 months...
2) He can't check and reply his e-mails, official web site and blog. PC is forbidden for him. His wife Julia knows NOTHING about his chaotic bussiness relations, agreements, selling-buying rules etc. So, he can't help you in trade.
If you sent him money for a DVD release before, you musn't think negatively and wait for a limited time. He keeps his all words and if he can move again, then he will immediately send all the former releases to your addresses.
3) And finally, "Zagor's" will/must wait -at least- till October or December. He lost too much money in the hospitals since last year. He must find money to recover his business and private life again.
He is generally at home in Athens, Greece. But, he has a daily cure at the hospital. His wife, Mrs. Julia (or Hulia) Barounis can speak English very well. If you need his wife's mobile number to send him your greetings, then send me a message first. I can inform you on the matter and send the phone numbers.


Best regards to all,


Jack J said...

Dear Ali Murat,

Thanks so much for this info about Bill (Vassilis). I sincerely hope he'll recover and get a normal life again. I have written about Onar and Bill's situation on my blog and if it's alright with you I'll re-post your message on said blog.

Best regards

CiNEZiLLA said...

Dear Ali Murat,

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Keeping Bill in mind att all times and sending him nothing but positive vibes.

Customers who still are waiting for orders, can surely understand the situation and will be patient. Well they better be, because the Bill's health is much more important than their couple of DVD orders. I'm sure they are well aware of that.

Bill always stays true to his word.

Ironically BIll offered to go visit my Father when he was in hospital in Athens a few months back. If there's anything I can do for Bill now, just let me know.

Give Bill my regards and thanks again for the update



Dear Jack, dear Cinezilla,

To inform the public / fantastic movie fans' community about our friend Vassilis' position is a very good idea. By the way, his friends can send their friendly vibrations / prayers to him. I really love that guy and don't want to see his early death. In my opinion, release the news everywhere you can.
As a very meaningful and friendly behavior, Mr. Kunt Tulgar, the legendary Turkish trash movie maker / director-producer and actor will go to Athens from Istanbul this week by his own car and will visit Vassilis at the hospital or at home. Nobody knew Vassilis' position in Turkish cinema industry to date, but I released some bulletins about our Greek friend in last two weeks. Now, all the Turkish trash movie makers know the situation and they are so sad. Vassilis paid copyright prices to many of them honestly and they didn't forget all these friendly, quality DVD releases.
And another important news... In September 23-25, at the Turkish capital Ankara, me and a group of Turkish movie historians, cine critics, academicians from universities, organize a "Turkish Trash Movies Festival". His full title is "FANTASTURKA / 1st 'Turkish way' Fantastic Films Festival."
It will be happen in a historical cine-theatre in Ankara for 3 days. We will show nearly 30 cult Turkish films including "Zagor". At the end of the festival, it will be a respect ceremony and all these persons will receive "Lifetime Achievement Awards".
1) Kunt Tulgar (Producer, director, actor)
2) Yılmaz Atadeniz (Producer, director)
3) Levent Cakir (Actor, Stundman)
4) Cetin Inanc (Producer, Director)
5) Aytekin Akkaya (Actor)

And we will give the honorary awards to two important trash movie fans:
6) Vassilis Barounis
7) Metin Demirhan (1965-2007-R.I.P)

The City: Ankara.
The Place: Kızılırmak Cine-Theatre
The Date: September 23-24-25 (Award ceremony is at the night of September 25, at the same cine-theatre, 20.00 pm)

If you have time and a little money, you may visit Ankara with a jet-journey for 3 days.

All the activities are FREE. You need only a plane ticket, a cheap hotel, a camera, and a little food. (I am there for 3 days, we can share our foods!)

This may be the last chance to see all these old producers, directors, script writers, actor all together alive on the earth. It must be follow and shoot with the camera by all the trash movie fans. I called all of them one by one and all these pepople said "O.K: We'll join to this party."

You may see all the details (Unfortunately in Turkish / use traslater) on this page:


I will go on to inform you about the bad and good news.



creadishcread said...

I wish I had the money to go to that, sounds wonderful :-)
In the meantime, I'd like to also add my best wishes to Bill and wish for a full recovery soon.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dear friends,

Our lovely fellow Vassilis Barounis passed away today (October 6) in Athens, Greece at 48.
We, the Turkish fantastic cinema fans and cine critics are so sad. Rest in peace.

Jack J said...

Ali, thanks so much for telling us about the "FANTASTURKA Festival". What a great gesture you did for Bill with that prize.

And very, very sad to learn about Bill's passing. This is beyond sad. My thoughts go out to his family and close friends. I knew Bill thru Cinehound and trading with him but unfortunately I never met him. And now it's too late. Rest in peace, my friend.

WAX said...

RIP Bill