Thursday, July 1, 2010


At different occassions, I have mentioned the rarest films ever.
Books, scholars, collectors, producers, you name it agreed on that.
Films that are not just rare in the sense of "hard-to-find".

I'm talking about films that are considered REALLY LOST FOREVER.
Films, that even the greatest collectors, the greatest researchers, the greatest fans, the greatest
film wackos have agreed they are LOST, DESTROYED, BURNT IN FIRES etc.

Now, among all these films, that even I have given up hope for, there are a few that are my personal dream, my personal all-time bet.

So, don't tell me "what about a clean copy of Turkish Wizard of Oz?".
I'd like you to come and mention here a bunch of titles that are considered LOST FOREVER by everybody, even me. If you have access to some of my past interviews or we have talked in person, or you have read some books (like Metin Demirhan's FANTASTIK TURK CINEMASI) you will sure know some of these titles.

Finally, I'd care to see who knows/remembers what my personal obsession is.

There's a reason I'm asking for this...


Jared said...

I'll do a little research and post my result here later, in a few days maybe. Mostly I'm glad to see you back in business and out there wheeling and dealing. The world needs Onar even if most it doesn't quite realize it yet.

Anonymous said...

here's a list of the films i'd like to see that are considered lost or very rare.I'm not an expert on what's lost and what isn't but anyway here's my list. All of them are turkish films :-
1 binbasi tayfun
2 invisible man in istanbul
3 flying saucers over istanbul
4 orumcek adam 1966
5 ciglik (the scream)
6 disi tarzan
7 ucan kiz
8 disi kilink
9 fantoma istanbulda bulusalim
10 iki esir
11 alaaddinin lambasi
12 baytekin fezada carpisanlar
13 kalbe vuran dusman
14 ikibin yilin sevgilisi
15 maskeli 5'lerin donusu
16 bir varmis bir yokmus
17 dokuz canli adam
18 salgin 1953

hopefully i haven't listed any films that are readily available !

Anonymous said...

PS.........instead of the films; Iki Esir,Alaadinin lambasi and Ikibin Yilin Sevgilisi,I should've included some of the other lost 'Kilink' films,Yilmaz Atadeniz's adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Two Years Vacation' and that Cuneyt Arkin film 'Cehenneme Bir Yolcu' !!

best wishes


Great list Joe!
Most of the films you mention are really lost!

Just a couple of them though have recently been unearthed like Atadeniz's Two years Vacation etc.

You forgot to add the "lostest" of all, the 2 Zagor films based on the italian 60's comic: ZAGOR KARA BELA & ZAGOR KARAKORSANIN HAZINELERI which are incidentally my one and only obsession!