Monday, November 9, 2009


At last, if you check my site you will be able to see what the cover of this DVD looks like plus the Extras.

My pride is the NEW trailers of my NEW acquistions!
BUT, you must buy the dvd IF you're curious.
However, don't expect to find out the title of my new KILINK find!
You'll see just a short trailer, without title.
I will announce title just a couple of months before I release it.

2 days ago I met with Kunt tulgar here and he brought me the betas of those 2 new acquisitions.
It was a hellish adventure to get this done as the only source was some buried 16mm prints in Ankara that had to be brought to Istanbul to undergo a major cleaning and then a telecine transfer to beta.

More about this adventure a bit later on...

Oh, I forgot!
Among the extras is an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW from the most cult bald villain ever!
I ALWAYS wanted to get an exclusive one from him but he is one of the most evasive persons in Turkey!
But finally, thanks to Kunt Tulgar, I got it nicely done!!
In case you don't know him here's a link to help:


Jared said...

Love the cover! Great work as always. I can't wait! I want it now!

WAX said...

Great stuff. Will get this and another two as soon as it comes out.

June8RKin66 said...

hello Onar Films,great artwork!!! can't wait to get it.keep up the excellent work.i've got 8 of your dvds so far and i will buy the rest sometime soon.

June8RKin66 said...

.....also thanks for the Altan Gunbay link.I've got several of his films...didn't know he was in From Russia with Love.