Friday, October 16, 2009


As you see it's October already and I don't even have a cover for the ALTIN COCUK DVD.

There are bad reasons and good reasons for this delay.

Bad ones first:
1- Lots of personal and family fuckups and unexpected expenses etc.

2- A certain Turkish producer wants more money from me because our contracts have expired.
I was fool enough to NOT mention this case in the contract and specify some amount for extension fees.
Now, that greedy and cunning guy is asking MORE cash than the initial costs of the films!
ALL other producers don't ask for extension fees but this one does.

He is right and I MUST give him some money but he determines the amount according to how much he needs not according to any law or contract etc.

I hate courts etc so I must bend down and prepare my ass for a deep Ottoman fuck!
Even if I knew he couldn't hurt me legally he WILL hurt me in many other ways, like slandering my name, closing all doors for business in Turkey etc.

Either way, heads or tails, I LOSE.
In both cases this is the end of ONAR.

I can't go on doing business like this, having no profit at all and giving a hell of cash to some producer. I got some pride too.
But even if I swallow it, and want to continue like a damn fool, that guy will SURE ruin all future business so... NO MORE TURKISH FILMS FOR ME.


I'm broke and will be broker since I managed to unearth some totally lost films!

It's a long story but here's the juice of it:

-I discovered a collector of 16mm films.
-Most of them were considered lost.
-He is a superduper GREEDY guy though.
-He demands a FORTUNE just to rent his prints for a few days.
- Another fortune must be spent on the film cleaning and telecine transfer to beta.
- Plus, copyright fees of course.

Too bad I'm broke and couldn't get more than 2 films now.
Too bad these 2 will most probably be the last films I buy from Turkey.
Too bad I had to leave back LOST superhero stuff like RUZGAR HAFIYE, BOMBALA OSKI BOMBALA, KINNOVA 3 KAMCILI KADIN etc etc!!

So, what did I get?
2- KILINK....???? Surprise surprise!!!

I prefer to keep some mystery here.
As soon as I get the films transfered and paid for I'll make a teaser of them.
As for that KILINK film, you'll see a teaser but NOT the title!
Title will be announced ONLY when the release is scheduled.
Which means when?
...which means when I release some OTHER stuff first and get some money.

So, the worst senario here is that I release whatever films I have already bought and then...bye bye Turkey!

Oh, as for ALTIN COCUK dvd, I'll try to put it out just around Christmas.


Jared said...

This is really, really depressing, Bill. I really hope the situation will change. YOU NEED TO KEEP PUTTING OUT TURKISH FILMS! No one else is crazy enought to do it! Well, I would be if I had the money. Are you still going to do CICI CAN or are you just going to do ALTIN COCUK and these two new ones (What KILINK film could it be?!?!?!?!?)and then that's it? It seems to me you really need to team up with somebody to keep putting this stuff out, to share costs and whatnot. Whatever happened to that proposed co-release with Mondo Macabro? Anyway my heart will break with no more Onar so I hope you find some way of making it work.

John said...

I agree this is very sad. What would I do without my Onar films? Have you considered perhaps releasing some stuff from another country for a while that might let you make some more money and get in a more stable situation? How about some lost Greek exploitation? I know there's not a ton, but I've definitely seen some, so there must be more out there. Jared's idea about co-releases and expense-sharing might be a good one, too. I'll buy the couple Onar releases I'm still missing as soon as possible to get a little more money to you. I'll also see if I can get my school to buy the whole Onar library for our film center. Poor Bill. Don't give up, though! These sound like important discoveries, and I'm glad you found them. Keep fighting! It's what Super-Adam would do!

Jared said...

I'm starting to think you should just start release whatever you can find materials for and screw the lisence holders. I mean, are there any actual copyright laws in Turkey anyway? It may sound unethical, but what else can you do? It seems these bastards are way too greedy for such marginal little cult items anyway. Just get them out there, I say!

Ryan said...

Sad that Onar is coming to an end. Really nice of you to go out fighting and releasing as much as possible before you go. Was really hoping to see a release for Orumcek and Maskeli Ucler, but oh well, I still got lots of awesome stuff from you. Thanks for the great DVDs!

Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...

God bless you, Bill! Keep up your important work and you will be rewarded!