Monday, June 22, 2009

NEW aquisitions!

After about a year of negotiations and misunderstandings and suspense I managed to secure (meaning I already paid for) license for these 3:


The first one is the Turkish 007 version from 1966.
The second one is its sequel featuring a superhero-looking villain with mask, cape etc.
The third one is a 1963 weird bizarre spooky TWILIGHT ZONE-looking gem.

The prints are in very good condition by the way!

You can check trailers for the first and third on my dvd's and youtube.

The ALTIN COCUK character appeared in 2 more films that I would buy ONLY if the first 2 sold well and fast.

I really believe these 007 ripoffs are something unique and ground-breaking and don't tell me you're used to watching such films.
In fact these are another experiment for me.
I've released Superhero stuff, Vigilante stuff, Horror stuff, Historical stuff, Western stuff.... but NEVER SPY James Bond-ish stuff!

Those 3 have something in common:
The actor and producer Goksel Arsoy.
And of course, I've already ordered a special interview with him due to be given in a few days.

I'd love to hear your opinions...


Jon Anders said...

I love James Bond, so why not these :D Sounds like fun!

BigBot said...

GOLDEN BOY IN BEYRUT with superheroes is a must-buy for me.

Jared said...

Oh great! I was worried that you weren't gonna do CICI CAN, since you hadn't mentioned it in awhile. Very good news! Can't wait for the ALTIN COCUK movies either!

knuckledusterbennet said...

yes i would want to buy these off you straight away when they come out.the golden boy series and the cici can dvds are the one's i'm waiting for the most from your there any chance that you could release the invisible man in istanbul ?i'm interested in turkish sci fi too !!! in your book in the kizil tug dvd you had about 10 or so sci fi titles listed.thankyou


I'm sorry to repeat it once more BUT 100's of great films have been lost for ever.
Those 50's sci-fi films are among them.

knuckleduster said...

hi there again,
thanks for the reply.i mentioned the film "invisible man in istanbul" because it was listed in a book published in england in 1985/86 called science fiction film source book by david's the only turkish film listed in this book but like you said it's probably lost.also from memory there are two other comedy sci fi type films that might not be on your list called homoti(another ET remake) and japon isi(not too sure about the title) starring fatma girik and kemal sunal.this latter film has something to do with a robot.i don't know if you could call these two flicks sci fi but i thought i'd mention them anyway.cheers.


Hi again,

It's not "probably" lost. It's definitely lost.

Just because it was mentioned in a book doesn't mean it's not lost.
I also mention 100's of films too but dozens of them are lost.

The other 2 films are 1987 comedies with some ELEMENTS of sci-fi. They're mainly comedies and as such they were left out of the booklet.

Thanks for your kind interest!

knuckledusterbennet said...

thanks for the reply.going back to the golden boy you plan to release these as a two for one deal or as separate dvd releases per title ?
i have 6 of your releases and hope to buy the rest when i can get some cash together.


No more double-bills.

Each Altin Cocuk film on separate dvd's.

Fred said...

I'm waiting... sounds like great releases and I can't wait to own them! :D

John said...

I'm excited about these too, especially Cici Can! Can't wait to pick them up!

Jared said...

Any updates on when the next DVD will happen Bill? I must admit I'm already getting impatient!

Patrick B said...

Looking forward to this.

Jon Oda said...

cici can...YES!