Friday, January 2, 2009


With good HEALTH and PEACE...
oh... monologue: {and some better sales wouldn't hurt either..}

Speaking of sales, those December sales are over and now the prices are back to normal again.


rivamarsh said...

Hey Bill,

Happy New Year to you! I just got "Captain Swing the Fearless" (1971) and "The Executioner" (1975) for Christmas and both were great, especially "The Executioner"! I think that was one of your best releases so far!!

I can't wait to get "Woman Despiser" (1967), it look amazing!!
I hope you release "Cici Can" (1963) and "Golden Boy" (1966) in 2009.

I would also love to see you release "Öyle bir kadin ki" (aka "A Woman Like That") (1979) Turkey's first hardcore film!! If you can get a hold of it. I also wish you could release "Drakula Istanbul'da" (1953).

Keep up the great job
All the best,
Kevin :)

John said...

Happy New Year to you too, Bill! I had an Onar Christmas this year, receiving five of your releases. Now I only have one to go until I have the whole set (until "Woman Despiser" comes out)! Here's looking forward to a happy and successful new year full of lots of great Onar releases!