Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey! Long time no see...
Happy 2008 to everybody, by the way.
The final master of this one is in my hands and in 2 days I'll give it to the factory.
So, the dvd should be in my hands, ready for sale, on February 8.

Mind you, it will be the most limited edition so far. 500 NUMBERED copies ONLY.
From now on, never again 1200 numbered copies. Too many copies...too few fans...you know the rule...demand vs offer...
So, from now on, ALL my dvd's will come in 500 NUMBERED COPIES.

As an inevitable result, the prices will have to go up.
The quality of my work will remain the same, and I'll try to make it better of course.
My costs will remain practically unchanged (copyrights, authoring, subs etc) while the factory costs will be only slightly lower, as well as the covers.
So, since my costs remain ALMOST the same and given that I press about 60% fewer copies I should raise the price by 60% accordingly....
...BUT I will just raise it by less than 40%, even 30%.

Ok, I decided to cut down on my "profit" (LOL).
It's the only way to keep ONAR into business.
I never dreamt of getting rich with Onar.
I just dreamt of having some fun, finding old lost movies and offering them on decent, official, subtitled dvd with a couple of extras, that's all.

I'm aware that 100's of fans will shy away because of the new- higher- prices.
BUT, I want to believe that eventually, even if it takes a few years, I will find 500 fans who will buy my dvd's anyway.

Ok, in a few days I'll add another post about an important visit I had from Istanbul PLUS news on my NEXT DVD PLUS news on some NEW films I bought PLUS news on that "Eerie 60's Turkish Lost Gem"!


Jon Anders said...

sweet news! I got your 3 latest releases a few weeks ago, will watch them this weekend!

Keep up the good work! :D

John said...

Keep up the good work, Bill! I just got a region free player this Christmas, and I'm only halfway through the releases so far, but the more the better! All I can say is I'm more than happy to pay $30 or so for these crazy old movies, so don't worry. I think the fans will stick with you. Don't give up!